Bison, Beef, & Wild Hog from Three Sons Ranch

As a southern retail location for Three Suns Ranch we are thrilled to offer the exact same packaging and pricing you will find at the Ranch Farm Store in Punta Gorda for the selection of raw, butchered meats we keep in our store for purchase.

While our selections are subject to availability we strive to keep in our freezer inventory:

• Bison Sirloin Steak $16.50/lb

Ground Bison $11.75/lb

Bison Stew Meat $11/lb

Ground Beef $6/lb

Beef Stew Meat $9/lb

Beef Skirt Steak $12.60/lb

Wild Hog Chorizo $9.50/lb

Wild Hog Pan Sausage $8.50/lb

Wild Hog Tenderloin $12/lb

Wild Hog Bone In Loin $8/lb

We are happy to take special requests for a particular cut of meat that Three Suns Ranch offers.

Please Note: Your request must be submitted by Thursday to pick up your items the following Wednesday at our Market day 3-6pm.


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