Locally Inspired Prepared Foods

When the time to cook may be elusive Purple Spoon offers for pick up

Locally Inspired Cuisine

Prepared Foods 
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Every Monday morning the chefs of Purple Spoon gather to survey the bounty of goodness from our local farms to decide what in the world we are going to whip up for the week’s menu. Starting with a baseline of gluten free and vegan we mix and match the seasonally stellar ingredients our farmers have brought us to create a selection of unique, nourishing and satisfying prepared meals options. Where appropriate we add in meats or starches to a dish to make it an omnivore-friendly or gluten-friendly option.

As true culinarians we recognize that indulgence is a must in life so we always toss in to the weekly menu a few dishes and ingredients that just make the tummy and the soul happy. Life, and food, are all about balance!

Sample the locally inspired goodness before deciding what goes home with you at our Locally Grown Market every Wednesday from 3 – 6pm,  year round.

This Week's Menu for Locally Inspired Prepared Foods
Plant Focused (Vegan) & Gluten Free recipes for this week:
  • Vegan Vegetable Soup
  • Coco-Nilla ~ Vanilla Bean Spiked Coconut Yogurt
Locally Raised Free Range Meats or Eggs:
  • Organic Salmon + Coconut Curry Soup
  • Poultry & Bison Stock ~ also know as “Bone Broth”  A healing elixir and the perfect way to whip up some impressive gravy or a soup base quickly.  Our poultry stock is made from duck and chicken bones from Asbury Acres in North Fort Myers, FL.  Our bison stock is made from the marrow bones of bison from Three Suns Ranch in Punta Gorda.
Indulgences to keep Life in Balance (contains gluten and/or dairy):
  • Mimolette Cheese (France)
  • Pecorino Romano (Italy)


All foods at Purple Spoon are prepared using locally sourced and organic ingredients whenever possible. All meat and seafood ingredients are sustainably raised and humanely harvested selections. There are no genetically modified ingredients (non-GMO verified) used at our cooking events or sold in our store. Ingredients not available from a local source are an organic certified or sustainably produced selection.