Locally Grown Market

Every Wednesday

3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

We Host a Market Every Week

Every Wednesday, year-round, from 3 – 6pm locally grown produce will be available for purchase inside our kitchen at Purple Spoon.  This market will feature produce, meat and eggs from Inyoni Organic Farm, 12 Seasons Farm, Asbury Acres, Three Suns Ranch, Florida Microgreens and Dilly’s Seafood.  All of these farms are located within a 50 mile radius of our kitchen at Purple Spoon. To complete your shopping list Grumpy Goat Coffee offers organically or sustainably grown coffee beans that are freshly roasted here in Bonita Springs. We hope to see you at our market for a wide array of delicious ingredients including microgreens, carrots, whole head lettuce, okra, beets, Asian greens, tomatoes, herbs, pineapple, free range eggs, hydroponic salad greens, tropical fruits, sprouts, and many other amazing seasonal goodies.  All produce, meats and eggs sold at this market are grown in Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers or Punta Gorda, Florida and will be sold directly from the farmers.  Please have cash or check ready for your purchases from the farmers.  Purple Spoon accepts all credit cards for purchases of our prepared foods, wine and stellar ingredients also available during market hours.

This Week’s Market will Offer:

  • Florida Keys snapper, Gulf shrimp and lobster tails from Dilly’s Seafood.
  • Cherry tomatoes, strawberries, zucchini, tangerines, navel oranges, pummelo, cucumbers, red butterhead letttuce, green/red romaine lettuce & heirloom tomatoes from 12 Seasons Farm.
  • Microgreens selection of pea tendrils, purple kohlrabi, super-foods mix, red rambo radish, arugula, broccoli, kale & carrot, opal basil, Genovese basil, Italian basil, opal basil, mint, Wasabi Mustard, amaranth and onion from Florida Microgreens.
  • Arugula, pac choi, Asian spinach, baby Russian kale, green kale, mustard greens, mixed salad greens, dandelion, Swiss chard, escarole, broccoli, purple radish, French breakfast radish, Bravo radish, zucchini, turnips, spinach, sweet basil, dill, fennel, oregano, thyme, cilantro, parsley, Napa cabbage, cherry tomatoes, hot peppers, jicama, sunflower sprouts, green beans, whole head lettuce, sunflower sprouts, pea shootseggplant and strawberries from Inyoni Organic Farm.
  • Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans from Grumpy Goat Coffee, a selection of dark and medium roasts will be available for sampling and purchase.
  • Free range duck and chicken for meat and eggs from Asbury Acres.
  • Pasture raised pork from Asbury Acres.
  • Free range bison and beef plus wild hog from Three Suns Ranch.
  • Prepared foods by Purple Spoon made from stellar ingredients – check out the menu
  • Raw Pet Food Grind made at Three Suns Ranch ~ 100% Free Range meat, organ, ligament & bone. Choose from 1# & 2# containers at $6 per pound. Available in beef or bison mix.

Inyoni Farm

Inyoni Organic Farm is a 10-acre USDA certified organic farm founded and actively run by Nick & Natalie Batty. Tucked away down a dirt road in East Naples, Inyoni Farms produces up to 50 different varieties of organically grown and harvested vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit. With the warm Florida weather, the farm enjoys a long growing season from October to June. All vegetables, herbs and flowers are nurtured from seed, and being organic, all produce is grown without the use of conventional pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. The daily harvest of vine-ripened produce allows for a rich flavor and provides customers with tasty, fresh produce.

12 Seasons Farm

Located in North Fort Myers, all ingredients from 12 Seasons Farm are naturally grown using organic practices. This farm specializes in heirloom tomatoes, strawberries, citrus, cucumbers, bell peppers, free range eggs and other seasonally delectable fruits and vegetables.

The citrus selection from 12 Seasons Farm includes tangelos, mid-sweet oranges, navel oranges, tangerines, pomelo and limes.  All citrus is UNwaxed and UNtreated, a rarity in the citrus industry and ensures the best quality and cleanest fruit possible.

The pastured raised chickens that live a very happy life at 12 Seasons Farm receive only organic feed along with the produce grown on the farm that doesn’t make the cut for market sales and the chickens are allowed to forage for critters as nature intended. The eggs these ladies produce are an amazing treat that will be featured at this dinner and are also available at our Locally Grown Produce Market held each Wednesday at Purple Spoon.


Asbury Acres

On a tranquil 10 acre farm in North Fort Myers, all animals at Asbury Acres are raised free range and allowed to pasture graze as natured intended.  When needed the animals are provided with a Non-GMO certified feed.  This farm follows organic practices of raising their animals to produce exceptional meat and egg products that have seriously impressive flavor.

Asbury Acres specializes in duck, chicken & turkey for both meat and eggs along with domesticated pork.


FL Microgreens

Florida Microgreens is located in Cape Coral, Florida, specializing in hydroponically growing microgreens grown in 100% filtered water, on a hemp medium, in foodsafe containers.  These tiny powerhouses of nutrition are brought to our market as living plants still attached to the hemp growing medium – you take them home alive and harvest the greens when you are ready to serve them in a meal! Check out the full details about the flavor profiles and health benefits of Florida Microgreens products here.

The weekly selection of microgreens is always changing and will include vibrants selections such as broccoli, onion, carrot, cabbage, purple kohlrabi, wasabi, radish, amaranth, pea shoots, mint and superfoods blend.


Grumpy Goat Coffee

Locally owned and operated in Bonita Springs, Grumpy Goat Coffee was founded on the principle that everyone deserves great coffee. We focus on roasting premium beans in small batches to ensure you experience a cup of coffee from beans roasted
within the last few days, not the last few months.

Three Suns Ranch

There are actually bison living, and thriving, in Southern Florida!! And Three Suns Ranch is the 5700 acre grazing territory of these magnificent animals located in Punta Gorda.  The ranch also raises cattle and works with local trappers to bring in wild hogs.  What sets Three Suns Ranch truly apart from the other farms that specialize in pasture raised animal meats is their on-property USDA certified processing facility – the bison and cows go directly from the pastures where they graze to harvest, never enduring the trauma of transport to an off site processing facility. The animals raised and processed at Three Suns Ranch never encounter any hormone or antibiotic treatments as part of the ranch’s dedication to organic farming methods.  The meats packaged at Three Suns Ranch are driven to our kitchen at Purple Spoon where they are available for retail purchase at the exact same prices the on-ranch farm store offers in Punta Gorda.

Dilly's Seafood

Seafood responsibly harvested just off our shores of SWFL, Dilly’s Seafood offers a weekly catch that includes stone crabs (October through May), snapper, tripletail, grouper, jackfish, shrimp, pomfret or pompano and other tasty treats from the gorgeous Gulf waters.  The weekly selection will vary depending on fishing conditions and what the waters are offering, once caught it comes straight off the boat and directly to our Wednesday Market.  Purchase your whole fish and Tim will be happy to fillet it for you!