Farm Tours + Lunch

Farm Tours + Lunch or Dinner

Truly know where your food comes from by joining the farmer in the fields, then sit down to a three course meal featuring the bounty of beyond-organically-grown goodness just harvested from those same fields. This authentically Locavore Culinary Experience connects the consumer with how the ingredients on their plate are created, from farm + field to the kitchen and then brought to the table.

Private Farm Tour + Lunch or Dinner events available

Farm Tours are held RAIN OR SHINE!! Mother Nature is in charge of the thermostat so please dress appropriately for the day’s weather forecast; we will be outside for the duration of the event. Be sure to wear comfortable active-wear shoes that will fully cover your feet for the walking tour.  These are working, organic farms that we visit and there are critters scampering around the grounds as nature intends.  Bring a hat or other sun covering as you may need. Bug repellent may also be a helpful addition since you will be out doors for the whole event. Lunch events will be served under a tent or tree canopy for comfortable accommodations. Dinner events are served at sunset under the open sky.  In the case of predicted severe weather conditions that are hazardous to our guests’ safety ticket holders will be notified of the selected alternative event date.