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Our Ingredients come from local farmers, growers, fisherman, ranchers and roasters. We put priority on the producer’s techniques to ensure that their practices are humane & sustainable.  Our ingredients are organically grown & come from farms that do not use any hormones, antibiotics, pesticides or herbicides.  The meat farmers we work with allow their animals to enjoy a Free Rangin’ lifestyle as nature intended.  Any feed that is given to their animals is certified Non-GMO.  There are absolutely no genetically modified ingredients used in our kitchen or sold in our store.

Know WHERE Your Ingredients Come From

This is a statement that I toss around frequently when hosting meals and market at Purple Spoon. It is also often a topic of conversation in my every day encounters with friends and colleagues away from work since food is an omnipresent element of life.


But what does this statement actually MEAN??


Locavore is a term that is brilliantly assigned to the concept of truly knowing where your food comes from and that the sources of those foods are within a small radius of your home-base kitchen. This is not a concept of going to the chain grocery store and picking up a piece of produce that is labeled as being grown in Florida (or the state you reside in).  Locavore intentions are about knowing the actual persons who are directly involved with bringing produce, fruits, meats, eggs, cheeses, coffee or beverages to be available for sale to the community located around their production property. These are farmers and producers that are growing, raising and harvesting foods in a sustainable and responsible manner. Often those efforts are also the most respectful methods a farmer could apply to the land they farm or to the animals they raise. These farmers and producers go above and beyond organic standards as much as possible, they have so much pride and love invested in their land that they willingly invite you to come see their farm, ranch or production space. So knowing that your food was responsibly and cleanly grown or raised close to your home is exceptional, but add to that the chance to go visit the actual place where that food is created is the ultimate definition of “knowing WHERE your food comes from.”


I can with full confidence and pride say that I truly know where our food comes from at Purple Spoon – it is the ingredients for our dinners, our classes, our prepared foods, our catering services and most certainly at our weekly Locally Grown Market.  I never thought my culinary path would lead me to this place as a chef who can say those words with such authenticity. It is a true privilege to go visit the farms I source these foods from and spend time talking with the farmers to understand what dedicated efforts they offer each and every day to their artisan trade. My endless gratitude to each of the amazing humans behind the stellar ingredients of 12 Seasons Farm, Asbury Acres, Shannon Farms Honey, Florida Microgreens, Inyoni Organic Farm, Grumpy Goat Coffee and Three Suns Ranch (alphabetical order only I promise!!) Working with each of them I DO know where my food comes from and I feel great gratification in providing a beyond exceptional and unique culinary experience to my customers to improve our health, our planet and our souls.


Local + Sustainable perfectly balanced with Indulgent + Healthful
~ Chef Kristina
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