Spiced Yogurt & Fruit Parfait with Pistachio & Pomegranate

Recipe makes 6 to 8 dessert portionsYogurt Parfait Pistachio

2 cups Mixed Fruit, small diced
Suggest Fruits: Cherry Tomatoes, Mango, Pineapple, Papaya, Strawberries, Plum or Melon
1/3 cup Milk
½ tsp Ground Cinnamon
¼ tsp Ground Nutmeg
1/3 cup Agave Syrup
1 quart Full Fat Plain Greek Yogurt
½ cup Shelled Pistachios
Pomegranate Seeds from half of a ripe fruit
Grated Fresh Nutmeg for the top of the parfaits, optional

In a small sauce pan combine the milk, cinnamon, nutmeg and agave. Bring milk mixture to a bare simmer stirring often to dissolve the spices, simmer for 2 minutes. Remove pan from the heat and pour milk into a clean bowl and allow to cool. Whisk the yogurt into the milk until smooth. Chill the yogurt mixture before assembling the parfaits.

Roast the Pistachios at 350F for 6 to 8 minutes until lightly browned. Coarsely chop the nuts.

Select thin, tall drinking glasses or wine glasses to use for making the parfaits.
Pour about ½ cup of the yogurt mixture into the bottom of each glass, top with about ½ cup of the diced fruit and sprinkle with some of the pistachios and pomegranate. Repeat filling each glass with the remaining ingredients to finish laying the parfaits. Keep chilled until ready to serve. Grate fresh nutmeg on top if you desire.
Parfaits can be made a few hours before or up to 1 day ahead of time and kept refrigerated.


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