A Passionately Local Community

Purple Spoon as a Culinary Hub concept may have closed its tangible doors in SWFL as of March 2019, yet the concept and intentions of this locally & sustainably focused culinary adventure continues with the wanderings of where ever this terrestrial journey shall take this Passionately Local chef.….

The story behind the previous name….Purple Spoon

The color Purple is the union of Red and Blue.

Red represents the fire, the passion and heat of the kitchen and cooking. Red is also the representative color of the Earth, the source of our nourishing foods, may it be plants or animals.

Blue represents calm and controlled ~ how I run my kitchen. Our events are about the enjoyment of cooking which is best experienced in a comfortable environment where inspiration can prosper. Blue is also representative of the expansive oceans of this planet, from where we harvest the bounty of seafood and sea plants that are so enjoyable in our meals.  The oceans of Earth are also the home of phytoplankton which are the key to healthy oxygen production for our planet; healthy oceans provide a clean, nourishing home to these vital sea creatures that keep our air healthy for the land dwellers.

Bring together those core elements found in the art of cooking and on our planet and you get Purple.

Then the spoon… well just about everything that is really delicious is best enjoyed when eaten with a spoon!

Welcome to my culinary oasis.
-Chef Kristina San Filippo

The Culinary Oasis has evolved into….Passionately Local

How to describe this culinary concept?
Stellar Ingredients
Know Your Farmer
Know Where Your Food Comes From
A Community of those who want to be connected to their food
Feed Your Soul
Inspire Your Mind
Nourish Your Soul
Healthful perfectly balanced with Indulgent
Eating & living with these intentions has brilliantly been described as:
Passionately Local
We like this label, we like it a lot!!

Dietary Requests We Accommodate

Peanut Free
No peanuts, peanut butter nor peanut oil used in the production of these recipes.
No dairy, butter, eggs or other animal products will be used in these dishes.
Gluten Free
Recipes free of wheat and wheat protein derivatives that contain gluten protein.
No Seafood
Excluding all seafood and shellfish from the recipe.
Nut Free
Foods will be prepared on surfaces clean of any nut residue or ingredients.
Soy Free
Requests to have no soy or soy derivative ingredients in your meal.
Corn Free
Requests to have no corn or corn derivative ingredients in your meal.
Plant Based
Focus on the plants!! With sustainably raised and harvested meats or stocks incorporated in the recipes.
Dairy Free
No milk, cream, cheese or dairy derivatives in the final dish.